My UX Approach

Sketching - UX Design

Requirements gathering: I always start with an ideation process involving the team.

Because the ideation process in the first and most important process when it comes to building a successful project. Through the ideation process you explore several alternative designs. The ideation process will give you new ideas that you can integrate into your design process in order to create the best possible solution for your user's needs.

There's just no faster or cheaper way to get ideas flowing or to explore a whole lot of directions than through drawing. Bringing the ideas together and discussing them as a team means that you can build on everyone's creativity. Rather than trying to single-handedly solve the problems you face.

Task Model - UX Design

I create task models/scenarios for specific personas.

As people don't need to know all the technical details and they just have a basic mental model, task models are a representation of the desired user behavior, showing what a specific user does.

User Journey - UX Design

I create user journeys based on different scenarios. Based on the scenario presented I created a more complex user journey.

An user journey is developed once you have a persona and a task model to base it on. User journeys detail the exact steps a user goes through to complete a task or goal. They show the required interactions and paths through the system.

Wireframing - UX Design

I create wireframes and complete specifications and depending on the need, complex interactive-rich prototypes that can help developers and stakeholders understand the behaviours better.


Simon Hogfress

Head of Site at Unibet
" Radu is a passionate advocate of UX and brings a wealth of experience. His work produces well thought out user journeys and innovative and engaging experiences. "

Andrew Martin

CTO at Channel Partners Capital
" Radu consistently delivers beyond expectations and if given the opportunity i would absolutely work with him again in the future. "

Claire Quest

UI Developer at Unibet
" Radu has the invaluable ability to disseminate complex and high level UX and Design concepts so that they are easier to understand. "
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