London-based Designer, Developer & Consultant. I worked in various industries including FinTech, Banking, Gaming, IoT and now focus mainly on my data company and building quantitative models derived from mathematical and statistical analysis.

In 2014 I founded UX Design Today, an e-learning platform specialized in user experience design prototyping and strategic design courses for both beginners and advanced users.

Between 2016 and 2017 I enjoyed writing articles about UX, IA, IxD, Agile Development & Design Strategy on the Adobe Creative Cloud blog.

In January 2018 I founded DecisionForest, a structured data provider that leverages the power of AI driven models to provide actionable insights for our clients’ decision making.

And during these years I’ve been contracting for large financial services organisations like HSBC, UBS and Santander.

You can follow me on Medium and Twitter.