London-based UX/UI Designer and Consultant. I worked in various industries including FinTech, Banking, Gaming, IoT and currently focusing on design processes and creating visual languages that allow designers to easily create flexible and reusable components.

Founder of UXDT Ltd, an e-learning platform specialized in user experience design prototyping and strategic design courses for both beginners and advanced users.

I write about UX, IA, IxD, Agile Development & Design Strategy on the Adobe Creative Cloud blog.

You can follow me on Medium and Twitter.

Radu Fotolescu - UX Designer London

The UX process

I sketch out ideas, validate them by testing and then reiterate on the results in order to improve the user experience.


Author and UX Instructor featured on:

Training keeps people aligned with the same goals and engages them in supporting the same vision as the design manager. Especially in the UX field, designers have unique and different interpretations of their job and responsibilities.

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A component oriented user journey will show the clear and required paths through a part of the system rather than a desired user behaviour, needs or emotional states throughout the whole application.

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The continuous design process is a double-edged sword. On one hand it provides constant challenges to designers and keeps them focused on solving design problems, but on the other it doesn’t allow time for feature validation through proper research and testing.

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